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21 Immigration Reform Power Players

ABC News, 2/22/2013

When it comes to immigration reform, politicians are usually the ones grabbing headlines. But there are many players behind the scenes who are working to get reform done, from the faith community, to business and labor. Add a host of activists, political insiders, and celebrities to that list as well.

Carlos Gutierrez, chairman of the Republicans for Immigration Reform super PAC

I've got a job for you: get us the money to dig the Republican party out of its electoral hole with Latinos. That's what Gutierrez, a former commerce secretary under George W. Bush and one-time CEO of the Kellogg Company, is trying to do as the head of a new super PAC, Republicans for Immigration Reform. He says the group will provide cover for GOP politicians who want to embrace immigration but fear primary challenges. When it comes to the message, he cited Sen. Rubio when speaking to The Washington Post: "People may agree with your economic policy, but if they think you want to deport their grandmother, they're not going to vote for you." And he just quit his job as a vice chairman at CitiGroup so that he can focus on the super PAC.

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